Jamey Hecht, M.A., Ph.D., LMFT
Los Angeles, CA


Clinical Associate in Psychoanalytic Training, New Center for Psychoanalysis, Los Angeles, in pursuit of Psy.D.

2012 M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Antioch University, Los Angeles.

2001 Semester of Courses in Psychology, Columbia University

1996 Certificate, Ancient Greek Literature, The Latin-Greek Institute, CUNY

1995 Ph.D. English & American Literature, Brandeis University. Advisors: Allen Grossman, John Burt, William Flesch.

1992 Certificate, Ancient Greek Language, The Latin-Greek Institute, CUNY

1989 B.A. English, Adelphi University

1987 Regents College, London, England


The Construction of the Transcendental Term in Hart Crane and Dylan Thomas, with chapters on John Keats and Walt Whitman.

Brandeis University, December 1994. Dissertation Committee: John Burt, William Flesch, Allen Grossman, Langdon Hammer (Yale University).

Scholarly Books:

(Bloom’s) How To Write About Homer (Chelsea House, 2010).

Sophocles’ Three Theban Plays, a new translation with notes and commentary (Wordsworth Editions, 2004).

Plato’s Symposium: Eros and The Human Predicament. Macmillan (Twayne’s Masterwork Studies, 1999).

Scholarly Essays, Book Chapters and Articles:

Bergman’s Wild Strawberries: the Failure of Sublimation and the Fate of Pain,” American Imago, Volume 73, Number 2, Summer 2016.

“Guilt, Evil, and the Supernatural in Macbeth, Hamlet, and Doctor Faustus,” in Evil Across Disciplinary Boundaries, forthcoming 2016.

“Technology, Labor, and the Sacred: the Cultural Context of Robert Frost,” in Critical Insights: Essays on Robert Frost, edited by Morris Dickstein (EBSCO, 2009).

“‘My Animal is a Tree’: The Poetry of Eloise Klein Healy,” The Los Angeles Review, Number 5, January 2009.

“The Piano Player Explains Himself: Allen Grossman’s Gnosis,” in Poetry’s Poet: Essays on the Poetry, Pedagogy and Poetics of Allen Grossman ed. Daniel Morris (University Press of New England, 2004).

“Tragedy, Hamlet, and Luther,” Forschungen zur Frühen Neuzeit, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, 2002. CLICK HERE FOR FULL TEXT

Introduction to the electronic edition of the Oxford Book of English Verse 1250-1950, Barnes & Noble.com, February 2002.

“Scarcity and Compensation in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick,” The Massachusetts Review, Vol. XXXX, No. 1. Spring 1999. CLICK HERE FOR FULL TEXT

“Limitations of Textuality in Thomas More’s Confutation of Tyndale’s Answer,” The Sixteenth Century Journal. January 1996.  FULL TEXT

“Scarcity and Poetic Vocation in Two Sonnets of John Keats,” English Literary History (E.L.H. Vol. 61.1), Johns Hopkins University Press, Spring 1994. FULL TEXT

“Two Tropes of the Opening Sections of Walt Whitman’s ‘Song of Myself’,” The Cloverdale Review, 1992-1993.


BOOK: Limousine, Midnight Blue: Fifty Frames from the Zapruder Film (Red Hen Press, 2009).

“The Sirens,” Arion, 25.2, Winter 2018.

“Four Poems on Music,” Amalgre Review, December 2017.

“Aftermath,” Rattle, December 2017.

“Landscape with Tramp,” Hiram Poetry Review, Spring 2017.

“The Sonnet You Deserve,” “Tyrannosaurus Rex,” Marsh Hawk Review, Nov., 2009.

“Zapruder Film Frame 167,” The St. Ann’s Review, Fall 2009.

“Grossman’s Tooth,” Tikkun, March/April 2009. FULL TEXT

“Genesis,” Caesura, Spring 2008.

“New York Fresco,” Shofar, Vol. 27, No. 3.

“First Divorce (after Lattimore’s Homer),” Rattle, No. 29, June 2008. FULL TEXT with AUDIO.

“Zapruder Film Frame 155″; “Zapruder Film Frame 192,” Anthony Hecht Poetry Prize Finalist, Waywiser Press.

“Exposition of the Contents of a Cab,” Tupelo Press Poetry Project. 2007FULL TEXT

“Zapruder Film Frame 158″; “Zapruder Film Frame 163,” November 3rd Club.

“The Round Square,” Free Inquiry, Vol 26 No. 6, October / November 2006

“Fido,” Block Magazine, Brooklyn, NY, Summer 2006

“Zapruder Film Frame 156,”; “Zapruder Film Frame 157″; “Zapruder Film Frame 179,” Black Warrior Review, Vol. 32, No. 1, Fall 2005

“Zapruder Film Frame 178,” River City, Vol. 24, No. 2, Summer 2004

“Night,” River City, Vol. 24, No. 1, Winter 2004.

Journalism and Politics:

“Dollar Decline Blues,” From the Wilderness (FTW), August 25, 2006

“Peak Asphalt, Too?” FTW, August 2, 2006

“Big Brother’s Blunt Instrument: Gold Confiscation in a Post-Dollar Collapse,” FTW, July 7, 2006

“The Future At War With The Past: While South Central’s Urban Farmers Face Eviction, Peak Oil Threatens Global Food Supply,” FTW, March 22, 2006

“Twilight in the Corn: the Bulldozing of South Central Farm Begins,” FTW, June 16, 2006

“Local Solutions to the Energy Dilemma: New York City Conference, April 27 -9, 2006,” FTW, May 10, 2006

“Biodiversity, GMO, and the Future,” FTW, April 20, 2006

“Shell Game: DoE Claims Massive CO2 Injection Could Quadruple U.S. Proven Oil Reserves,” FTW, March 10, 2006

“Under Strains of Peak Oil and Gas, Ideology Stretches to the Limit,” FTW, January 20, 2006

“Ukraine, Russia, Natural Gas: Ideology or Hypothermia?” FTW, January 5, 2006

“Dr, Kenneth Deffeyes at Caltech,” FTW, December 7, 2005

“Peak Oil Caucus Formed in U.S. House Of Representatives: A New Beginning As The Clock Runs Down, FTW, November 23, 2005

“Biodefense Program in Galveston, TX Sacrifices Research for Public Safety,” FTW, September 22, 2005.

“The Dollar, the U.N., and the U.S.: Right-Wing Populists Still Fear the Wrong Thing,” FTW, August 29, 2005.

“The ‘Koran Quotation Error’ Meme,” FTW, July 11, 2005.

“ASPO in Lisbon: The Conference of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Natural Gas,” FTW, June 16, 2005.

“Japan and China: A U.S. Strategic Outlook for the Next Two Minutes,” FTW, April 20, 2005.

“Why It’s Called Crossing the Rubicon,” FTW, February 6, 2005.

“Taking the Fiscal Train Wreck to the Poverty Draft,” FTW, January 4, 2005.

“Conspiracy and the State of the Union,” FTW, June 18, 2004.

“Richard Clarke’s Orchestra: Maestro Plays a Simple Waltz, Shackled Media Manage To Dance Along,” FTW, April 5, 2004.

“Failure and Crime Are Not the Same: 9/11’s Limited Hangouts,” FTW, November 22, 2003.

“Chairman of the Sandwich Board: the Solitary Activist,” The Progressive Populist, May 15, 2003 — Volume 9, Number 9.

“Bad Faith Again: An Open Letter to the Nation Magazine,” Media Monitors Network, May 12, 2003.

“Gerald Ford and the CIA,” Counterpunch, October 18, 2001.

Book Reviews, Art Criticism, Film Criticism, Theater Criticism, Fiction:

FICTION: “Tim the Immortal Giraffe Gets a Baklava,” Ferocious Quarterly: Purple Halves, No. 2, 2011.

FICTION: “Tim the Immortal Giraffe: True Story,” American Short Fiction, Spring 2010. (Honorable Mention in Dave Eggers’ Best Non-Required Reading 2010). VIDEO

Rodney Merrill’s translation of Homer’s Iliad. Bryn Mawr Classical Review, March 22, 2010.

“Marc Pietrzykowski’s And the Whole Time I Was Quite Happy,” Rattle, May 2008.

The Tempest at the MET: All Over the Place,” L.A. Splash, March 2006.

Othello at the MET: The Right Kind of Agony,” L.A. Splash, February 2006.

“Bruce Lee’s ‘Fists of Fury’: The Greatest Heroin-Shipment-In-Ice-Cube Film of All Time,” Farmhouse Magazine, January 2006

Rhythm Science, by Paul D. Miller, a.k.a. DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid,” review in NY Arts Magazine, May/June 2005, Vol. 10, No.5/6.

Complete Poems of Basil Bunting,” American Book Review, September / October 2004, Volume 25, Issue 6

“Last Chance: Ilya Schar’s Mortal Colors,” Berlinerkunst, July 2004.

“Christine Krol’s Sherman Boxes,” Berlinerkunst, November 2003.

“In Barcelona, Federico Muelas Listens to the Apples,” NY Arts Magazine, Vol. 8, No. 11. November 2003.

“Zvi Lachman’s Sculptures: The Earliness of Strength and the Pain of Lateness,” NY Arts Magazine, Vol. 8, No. 10. September 2003.

Gryphons of Paris: Photographs and Text by Ronald Hurwitz,” NY Arts Magazine, Vol. 8, No. 9. August, 2003.

“Returner,” Independent Film Quarterly Online, August 2003.

FICTION: “The First Kiss of Coleman Hummel,” Sundry, Summer 2003.

“Poetry Lite: The House of Blue Light by David Kirby,” American Book Review, July / August 2001.

Cow’s Leap, New Poems of Tom Smith,” American Book Review, December 1999.

“Charles Wright’s Black Zodiac and Mark Jarman’s Questions for Ecclesiastes,” American Book Review, October 1998.

FICTION: “Hardware,” The Sycamore Review, Vol. 10, No. 2, Summer 1998.

“The Jean Cocteau Rep.’s Production of Seamus Heaney’s The Cure At Troy,” Poetry Calendar, February 1998.

“Depths of the Mirror: The Last Poems of Yannis Ritsos,” essay in American Book Review, November 1997.

“Ha-Jin’s Facing Shadows,” review essay in NYC’s Poetry Calendar, November 1996.

“Charlie Smith’s Cheap Ticket To Heaven,” review essay, NYC’s Poetry Calendar, December 1996.

“Beaumarchais’ Barber of Seville: Genre and Innovation” article in the Playgoer’s Bill of New York City’s Pearl Theater, October 1996.

Papers Presented at Conferences and Public Lectures:

“Supernature and the Guilty Imagination: Macbeth, Hamlet, Doctor Faustus,” for “Shakespeare Connects” Conference, Grand Valley State University, MI, October, 2009.

Poetry Workshops at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA: “Moving Forward from the Blank Page”; “Many Species of Good Poem,” September 26, 27, 2008.

Moderated PEN USA Toolbox panel discussion on “Craft,” at Cal State Northridge (CSUN), with Eloise Klein Healy, Douglas Kearney, Terry Wolverton. February 8, 2008.

“Sophocles As Educator,” New York Council for the Humanities, New York Public Library, Mid-Manhattan Branch, November 1, 2004

“Elegies of Two World Wars: Wilfred Owen and Dylan Thomas,” Poetries of the 1940s, American & International: A National Poetry Foundation Conference. University of Maine, Orono, Maine, June 23-27, 2004

“The Term ‘Conspiracy Theory’ As Disinformation Meme: 9/11, 11/22, and the State of the Union,” International Citizens’ Commission, Toronto, Canada, May 2004.

“Cultural Implications of the Kennedy Assassination,” JFK Lancer “November In Dallas” Conference, November 2002.

“Tragedy, Piety, and the Hermeneutic Burden: A Reading of Hamlet and Luther,” 16th Century Studies Conference, St. Louis, MO. October 1996.

“Habit and Stream of Thought in William James’ Principles of Psychology: An Emersonian Reading,” N.E.M.L.A. Conference, Pittsburgh, PA. April 1994.

“D.H. Lawrence and Modernity: A Heideggerian Reading,” The Fifth International D.H. Lawrence Conference, Ottawa, Canada. June 1993.

Editorial Experience:

2008 August – 2010 Poetry Co-Editor, The November Third Club.

2007- 2009 Poetry Editor, the Los Angeles Review.

2005 Edited Someone Would Have Talked: What We Know After 40 Years About the Assassination of President Kennedy, by Larry Hancock (JFK Lancer Publications, 2006).

2003-2005 Assistant Managing Editor / Senior Staff Writer, FTW Publications.

2004 Edited Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil, by Michael C. Ruppert. New Society Press, 2004.

2003 Managing Editor, www.nyartsmagazine.com and NY ARTS Magazine.

Selected Teaching Experience:

May 2017 – December 2017 “Psychology 101,” “Leadership and Group Communication,” “Visual Anthropology,” “World Literature,” “Composition,” and “Learning, Motivation, and Creativity,” the Beverly Hills College of Design, Beverly Hills, California.

Winter 2008 “Literature 102,” the Weekend College of L.A. County Community College, Los Angeles, California.

Spring 2006 “Approaches to Teaching Literature,” DIA University, Norwalk, California.

Fall 2005 “Literature and the Christian Worldview,” “History of the English Language,” and “Cross-Cultural Communication,” at DIA University, Norwalk, Los Angeles, California.

Spring 2005 Three classes of “English 2150: Writing About Literature,” at Baruch College, City University of New York (CUNY).

Fall 2004 Two classes of “Literature 2500: Renaissance to Present”, and one class of “Freshman Writing 2100″, at Baruch College, City University of New York (CUNY).

Summer 2004 “From Page To Stage: Sophocles’ Antigone,” a theater and literature class taught by two Baruch College faculty to a group of ten gifted Baruch High School students.

Spring 2004 Two classes of “Literature 2800: Gilgamesh to Hamlet”, and one class of “Writing About Literature 2150″, at Baruch College, City University of New York (CUNY).

Fall 2003 Two classes of “Literature 2800: Gilgamesh to Hamlet”, and one class of “Literature 2850: Milton to Mahfouz”, at Baruch College, City University of New York (CUNY).

Spring 2003 Two classes of “Literature 231: Late Antique to Modern”, and one class of “American Literature” at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY.

Fall 2002 Two classes of “Literature 230: Classical Literature”, at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY.

Spring 2002 Four literature and writing courses at Berkeley College; One Class of “Literature 231 Early Modern Literature”, and two classes of “English 102” at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY.

Fall 2001 Two classes of “Literature 230: Classical Literature,” at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY.

Spring 2001 Two classes of “Literature 231: Late Antique to Modern,” at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY.

Fall 2000 One class of “English 100: Remedial Composition”; one class of “English 101: Composition”; two classes of “Literature 230: Classical Literature”, at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY

Three years as Assistant Professor of English and director of the World Literature Concentration, Castleton State College, Vermont. Fall 1997: 2 classes of “Freshman Composition; one class “Touchstones of Western Literature” (great books course); and “Homer, Virgil, Milton” (upper-level course). Spring 1998: 2 classes, “Touchstones of Western Literature”; one class “Freshman Composition”; “Modern American Poetry”; and a full-semester, 3-credit tutorial (which I taught gratis, and at student request) on Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason. Designed the 2-semester “Survey of World Literature” currently in use at Castleton. Fall 1998: “Asian Literature and Thought,” “World Literature I,” “Touchstones,” “Composition.” Spring 1999: “Dante,” “World Literature II,” “Touchstones,” “Composition.” Fall 1999: “Homer, The Book of Job, Milton”; 2 classes of “Touchstones”; “Composition.” Spring 2000: “American Poetry”; 2 classes of “Touchstones,” “Effective Speaking.”

In Spring 1997 I taught an Honors history-and-literature course in the “20th Century World,” and a distance-learning class of “Western Civilization,” both at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. At Rutgers University Newark, I taught “The Novel in America in the 20th Century”, and “Survey of American Literature 1860-1960.”

“Writing, Speaking, Thinking,” New Jersey Institute of Technology, Fall 1996. A science-based composition course with readings on technology and society, information, and scientific thought. “World Literature,” Adelphi University. Survey of Europe, the Mediterranean, China, and Japan.

“World Literature,” Kean College, Fall 1995 and Spring 1996. Sophomore level “Great Books” course with a global scope. I taught three classes of this course.

“Freshman Writing Seminar,” Brandeis University, four semesters 1991-1993. I taught this course differently each semester, producing occasions for students to break out of various prescribed and limiting relationships to spoken and written language. Exercises in criticism and autobiography were aimed at developing the student’s communicative power and autonomy.

“University Humanities,” Brandeis University, three semesters 1992-1993. A “Great Books” course of Western and Eastern, Ancient and Modern texts; my responsibilities included grading papers and some lecturing, as T.A. for Paul Morrison, Department of English; Olga Davidson, Department of Near Eastern & Judaic Studies, and Allen Grossman, Department of English.

Academic Honors:

2003  Speakers’ Bureau, New York Council for the Humanities
1996  Floyd Moreland Award, Latin-Greek Institute tuition
1993  Robert Preyer Award
1992  Mellon Award, Brandeis University, for Latin-Greek Institute tuition
1991-1992 Bluestein Award
1990-1991 Ross Fellowship and Ross Assistantship
1989-1993 Tuition Scholarship, Brandeis University